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Prioritizing Eye Protection in Your Workplace

Our utmost priority is ensuring your safety by providing adequate eye protection to prevent injuries or irritation in your work environment.

To ensure your eyes are safeguarded effectively, it's crucial that you communicate essential information with our Opticians. Here are some key points to consider:

Share Information: Inform our clinical staff about the specific hazards you encounter in your workplace. Whether it's dust, chemicals, flying debris, fine particles, or other environmental challenges, your input helps us select the right eye protection.

Discuss any additional environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, sun exposure, humidity, or wet conditions that may affect your eye safety.

Describe the average number of hours per day you'll be wearing your safety eyewear.


Things to Keep in Mind for Your Visit:

When trying on different frames, focus on more than just aesthetics. Consider the following:

1. Fit: Frames come in various sizes, so find the one that offers the best fit and comfort for you.

2. Sightlines: Some frames provide better peripheral vision, which should match your work environment's requirements.

3. Protection: Depending on your workplace needs, frames with a full seal or dust dam can provide enhanced protection and comfort for extended wear.

4. Perfect Fit: Our trained optician will assist you in finding the perfect fit. If the fit isn't right, we're here to help make adjustments.

5. Timeline: Please note that manufacturing your order typically takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on your prescription, lens selection, and frame choices. Our top priorities are accuracy and quality to meet Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety requirements and your employer's policy guidelines.

We're here to provide safety eyeglasses and safety glasses to protect you in your workplace. Your eye safety is our concern, especially in industries like construction and plant work, where eye injuries can be a significant risk. Trust us to ensure your eyes are properly safeguarded.

Members of the Alberta Association Of Optometrist's Eyesafe Program.
Eyesafe Program from the Alberta Association of Optometrists
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