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Contact Lens

Correcting refractive errors for optimal vision has never been more accessible, thanks to the advanced designs, materials, and technologies of modern contact lenses. Yet, to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of contact lenses, it's crucial that your eye doctor has all the necessary information to select the perfect lenses for your eyes. At Oasis Eyecare, we proudly offer comprehensive contact lens exams for residents in Edmonton. These exams are designed to tailor your contact lenses to your unique needs, providing you with clear and comfortable vision.


What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam at our Edmonton optometry center is distinct from a standard vision exam. While a vision exam determines the corrective prescription needed for glasses or contacts, fitting you with contact lenses requires a more detailed assessment. Our contact lens exam combines precise measurements with a consideration of lifestyle and health factors to determine the ideal contact lenses for your specific requirements. These measurements include assessing the diameters of your pupils, irises, and corneas, as well as a meticulous examination of your corneal curvature using advanced techniques like keratometry and corneal topography.


When selecting the perfect contacts, we also discuss the following crucial factors with you:

1. Lifestyle Preferences: Depending on your lifestyle, we'll recommend the most suitable contacts. If you prefer extended wear for several days, we offer specialized extended-wear contacts. Alternatively, if convenience is your priority and you have limited time for lens cleaning and storage, single-use contacts may be the ideal choice.

2. Prescription: For those with challenging or strong corrective prescriptions, standard single-vision soft contacts may not suffice. We can provide specialized lenses precisely tailored to meet your unique corrective needs.

3. Health Concerns: If you have specific eye health concerns such as dry eyes, giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, or other complicating factors, we can recommend contacts designed to accommodate and address these issues effectively.



Contact Lens Options

Based on the results of your contact lens exam, our expert eye doctor in Edmonton offers a wide range of contact lens options to cater to your individual needs. These include GP lenses for complex prescriptions, multifocal lenses for presbyopic eyes, scleral contacts for keratoconus, hydrogel lenses for dry eye relief, and other specialized alternatives.

Enjoy the benefits of clear, comfortable vision with tailored contact lenses from Oasis Eyecare in Edmonton. Schedule your contact lens exam today for personalized eye care that meets your unique requirements.

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