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Eye Exams

Children grow rapidly, absorbing a wealth of visual information crucial for their development. This underscores the vital importance of vigilantly monitoring their eye and vision health. At Oasis Eyecare in Edmonton, we recognize the significance of safeguarding the ocular health and function of children. That's why we provide specialized pediatric optometry services for kids residing in south Edmonton.

The Significance of Pediatric Eye Care

Why is pediatric eye care so essential? Life is an ongoing learning process from the very early stages. Infants face certain limitations as they haven't yet acquired the ability to coordinate their eyes or effectively utilize visual data. The quicker and more efficiently they can gather and process this data, the more effectively they can acquire critical skills such as balance, depth perception, and physical coordination. As children enter school, clear vision becomes paramount for seamless reading, writing, and learning.

Regrettably, potential obstacles may arise along the way. Functional issues in the eyes can lead to problems like strabismus, amblyopia, and convergence errors, which can disrupt binocular vision, eye tracking, and other crucial skills. Refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, can blur your child's vision at close or long distances, leading to academic challenges, hindered sports performance, and even safety concerns. For all these reasons, pediatric eye exams play a pivotal role in your child's overall health and well-being.


When Should Your Child Undergo Eye Exams?

In accordance with the Canadian Association of Optometrists, young children should undergo major eye exams at three pivotal junctures. The first examination should occur at 6 months of age, allowing our optometry center to assess basic eye health and functional issues. The subsequent examination should take place during the toddler years and may involve simple eye charts that utilize shapes instead of letters. The third examination becomes necessary as your child prepares to enter school, incorporating standard eye charts and comprehensive eye evaluation techniques. Subsequently, annual exams are advisable as your child progresses through the school years.

Guarding your child's visual development and well-being is a priority at Oasis Eyecare in Edmonton. Schedule your child's pediatric eye exam with us to ensure they have the clear vision essential for their growth and learning.

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