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Eye Health &
Vision Exams

Your vision is an integral part of your life, impacting your ability to work, drive, and experience the world around you. At Oasis Eyecare in Edmonton, we understand the significance of your vision and offer a range of comprehensive eye exams to ensure your eye health and clarity of sight. 


Our eye exams in Edmonton are designed to assess your visual acuity at various distances and detect any potential eye issues. We also specialize in contact eye exams to provide you with the perfect fitting contact lenses.

Our patient base encompasses individuals of all ages, from children to seniors. We recognize the unique needs of each age group and are dedicated to preserving and safeguarding your eye health, regardless of your age.


For those with specific health conditions or existing eye problems, we may recommend a comprehensive eye examination. Age is a significant factor, as the risk of developing certain eye conditions increases with time. Our optometrists utilize specialized devices to assess your vision, prescribing the right contact lenses or eyeglasses while also identifying potential eye issues.

A comprehensive vision exam involves gathering your medical history and discussing it with our optometrist. You will undergo a thorough visual acuity test to measure your near and distance vision in both eyes. Additionally, we will assess for astigmatism and determine its severity.

During the examination, our optometrist may use specialized tools to inspect the internal components of your eyes for any problems. We also assess your eye pressure by gently applying a puff of air.

Our contact eye exam in Edmonton is akin to a contact fitting. During this phase, our eye doctor takes precise measurements of your eyes to create a contact lens prescription tailored to optimize your vision and ensure comfort.

Preserving your vision is our top priority at Oasis Eyecare in Edmonton.


Schedule your annual eye exam with us to ensure years of clear, healthy sight.

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